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To join, download and fill out the application form.

Mail it to the address listed on the form. A check must accompany the form and be made payable to the Gig Harbor Welcome Club.

(1)Club membership shall be comprised of any adult members of a household wishing to become members of the Gig Harbor Welcome Club, willing to uphold the bylaws and policies and willing to make payment of the annual membership fee.

(2)A participant in any of the special activity groups within this organization must be a member in good standing.

(3)A prospective member may attend as a guest, and/or a member may bring a guest, non-member spouse, and/or a prospective member to a total of two functions, including regular meetings and/or a special activity group. Further attendance requires Club membership.

(4)Annual dues are paid at the time of joining and shall be renewable annually on July 1. New members joining after January 1 and before July 1 shall pay one-half (1/2) of the annual membership dues.

(5)Upon joining, you will receive a current newsletter, delineating the month's activity details, and a membership directory, including bylaws. You will also receive a password so that you may access member information through our website.